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Assignments & Handouts


Notes on Basic Commutation Group and Graets Circuit

Presentation on HVDC Converters (Study up to two and three valve conduction mode i.e. normal mode)

Types of two terminal HVDC Links

Multi terminal DC (MTDC) systems

Converter Control

Converter Faults (No need to study in detail - just know what is what)

Harmonics and Filters

EEB1283 - Basic Electrical Engineering (For B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering)

Examples on modelling of translational and rotational systems

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

Stepper Motor and Servo Motor

Speed Control of DC Motors & Induction Motors

Presentation on DC Machine Construction

Assignment 2

Solution for Assignment 1 (till Prob. 9)

Assignment 1

EEB3102 - Power System Analysis

Course Plan

Guidelines for Project Based Learning

Assignment 1a (Module 1)

One line diagram to per unit reactance diagram â€“Solved practice problem for easy understanding

Presentation on 'Intro to PSA and Modeling' by Dr. Abdullah Khan

Notes on Network Matrices (Module II)

EEB2214 - Control Systems

Procedure for Root Locus and Practice problems for Routh Hurwitz criterion

Assignment 3

Assignment 2

Solution to prob. 8 and 3

Solution to prob. 5

Answers to Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Lesson Plan

EEB2216 - Control Systems Laboratory

Lab report

Material for the Experiment No. 9 'Digital Simulation of Liquid Level Control System'

Materials for laboratory observation (Cycle 1)

Material for the Experiment 'Digital Simulation of First and Second Order Systems'

EEY1109 - Electrical Power Distribution Systems

Assignment 1a

Assignment 1b

EE282 - Electrical Engineering and Control Systems

Problems for Practice on Bode Plot, Polar Plot and Routh's Stability Criterion 

Review Questions on Module 2 (DC and AC Machines)

Answers & Partial Solutions for Assignment 3

Assignment 3

Partial Solutions for Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Solutions for Assignment 1

Answers for Assignment 1

Assignment 1

PTEEB1102 - Electronic Devices and Circuits

Assignment 3 (New)

Review Questions on Module 5  (New)

Review Questions on Module 4  (New)

Assignment 2

Review Questions on Module 3

Assignment 1

Review Questions on Module 2

Review Questions on Module 1